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Présentation/ Presentation

Nom/ Last name : TARASHTWAL

Prénom/ First name : Omid

Nationalité - Pays d’origine / Nationality – Country of origin : Afghan - Afghanistan

Formation/ Training

Formation antérieure / background training : Economics

Master suivi à l’UCA/ Master’s degree followed at UCA : Master in Economie du développement speciality Development Economics

Que pensez-vous que cette formation va vous apporter ? What do you think the training will bring you ?

Thanks to world-class lecturers, teaching quality, diversity and modernized curriculum of UCA, I am highly sure that the program will hone my analytic, technical and research skills as I prepare for my career in academic world, or public and private sector of Afghanistan as a policymaker.

Ambitions / Ambitions

Quels sont vos projets d’avenir ? What are your projects for the future?

I am planning to work with the Afghanistan government, especially the Ministry of Finance and Afghanistan Central bank in the future. Doing a degree in UCA would allow me to apply acquired empirical knowledge and statistical tools in executive atmosphere, helping me to scrutinize current fiscal and monetary policies of Afghanistan which seems to be out-of-date.

Centre d’intérêt / Hobbies

Quels sont vos centres d’intérêt ? What are your hobbies ?

I usually spend my leisure time travelling and discovering new places. Along with this, my hobby has always been playing sports, and swimming in particular.