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Sandra Borja
Sandra Borja - Sandra Borja

Présentation/ Presentation

Nom/ Last name : BORJA

Prénom/ First name : Sandra

Nationalité - Pays d’origine / Nationality – Country of origin : Ecuadorian - Ecuador

Formation/ Training

Formation antérieure / background training : I studied economics at the Catholic University of Ecuador and I have a double degree from the university Grenoble Alpes. My undergraduate has an emphasis on the quantitative methods, political economy and research. Also, I have followed some courses and seminars related with development project management, public administration, behavioral economics and development indexes.

Master suivi à l’UCA/ Master’s degree followed at UCA : Master 1 in Economie du développement speciality Development economics

Que pensez-vous que cette formation va vous apporter ? What do you think the training will bring you ?

I hope that this master will give me the necessary tools to achieve a positive change in the reality of developing countries and to contribute with new and innovative alternatives that promote the growth of opportunities for the most vulnerable people. I especially wish to increase my knowledge in the development field and deepen into the new quantitative methods.

Ambitions / Ambitions

Quels sont vos projets d’avenir ? What are your projects for the future?

In the near future, I see myself working with NGOs or the public sector supporting the growth and sustainable development of the localities of my country, especially in rural areas. I would love to be able to carry out research in the field, with the academy, applying impact evaluations, and innovative techniques supporting new public policy proposals.

Centre d’intérêt / Hobbies

Quels sont vos centres d’intérêt ? What are your hobbies ?

I love traveling to small towns and learning about the history of the people who live there. In the last year, I also discovered my love for hiking nature. I like to cook for my beloved ones (even if I am not a very good cooker) and I really enjoy to dance and to spend time with my family.