One of the main objectives of the CAP 20-25 project labeled I-Site in 2017 is the international attractiveness and outreach of the target-University.

To meet with these objectives, a transverse programme, “Wide Open to the World” - WOW!, implements the international strategy of the site for the 2017-2021 period. This programme definitely stopped on 31/12/2021.

In the framework of the definitive label I-Site obtained in March 2022, the international strategy of the site is renewed. Implemented by the WOW 2.0 program, it is developed through actions, tools and call for projects.

International Dimension 2017-2021

  • CAP 20-25 International strategy 2017-2021
  • The WOW! Program
  • Call for projects
  • Our results and achievements

International Dimension 2022-2027

  • CAP 20-25 International strategy 2022-2027
  • The WOW 2.0 Program
  • Call for projects