Publié le 26 février 2019 Mis à jour le 16 janvier 2020
ISIMA-POLYTECH - 1 Rue de la Chebarde, 63178 Aubière

The 5th International Congress of Translational Research in Human Nutrition will cover up-to date knowledge on how nutrition and physical activity are major determinants of the prevention of different chronic diseases.

Understanding the molecular and physiological processes that control muscle mass and functional capacities is crucial for maintaining individuals in good health, especially in the context of a growing percentage of elderly people and of patients with chronic diseases. The Scientific and Organizing Committees set up an attractive scientific program with outstanding international speakers who have contributed to the characterization of how nutrients/food and physical activity can prevent deleterious impacts of aging on frailty and autonomy. The congress provides an opportunity for experienced scientists and young investigators to improve the transfer of knowledge from basic to applied science, and to open new avenues of investigations in the near future.
More information on the dedicated website.