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The concept of "Latin Quarter" is the fruit of collaboration with the city of Clermont-Ferrand that aims to develop a district dedicated to student life, adapted to their lifestyle and their expectations. The area identified by the city is the Rabanesse neighborhood (from Cité Dolet to Jardin Lecoq).

In 2017, analysis of demand and needs was entrusted to a group of 20 students (master, Marketing Sales) supervised by the program facilitator.

Brainstorming, benchmarking on other French and European towns and cities, interviews with stakeholders already present in the neighborhood (food bank, Lieutopie, École Supérieure d’Art) led to the establishment of a list of services and spaces likely to be of interest to students. Focus groups and a small survey (1 700 respondents) helped to ensure the general concept matched students’ wishes and to prioritize a number of services and spaces.

This first phase revealed that students want a third space, combining spaces reserved for associations, co-working for the development of student projects and living spaces (bar, festive and cultural spaces, grocery store and low-cost cafeteria).
In the Rabanesse neighborhood, the former school of architecture (currently public property) has been identified as ideal for this project by all actors.
Initial results will have to be completed by a more in-depth investigation with the student audience. Discussions have been launched in parallel on the operation and administration of the place.

* Zakaria Ben Abdelhamid, Camille Bernard, Charlotte Chabert, Alexandre Decroix, Colin Delporte, Cassandre Godfroy, Mathieu Lamotte-Badani, Eugénie Landrieve, Charlotte Leray, Clara Lopez, Claire Malot-Courteix, Clément Montagnon, Raphael Naquet, Maëva Nérin, Chloé Nitard, Victor Planchette, Maxime Puechbroussoux, Tiphaine Richard, Élodie Roques, Alexandre Roux, Charlène Soulier, Raphaël Vaz, Rémi Verdeil.