The digital student village

What digital applications do students need to find their sense of identity at the university and in the city? How can these applications be developed? How can they be shared?

Analysis of demand and needs was entrusted to a group of 20 students (master, Marketing Sales) supervised by the program facilitator.

A first phase listed and prioritized a large number of applications likely to be of interest to students. It was based on brainstorming in small groups, benchmarking of existing apps and interviews with professionals or entities that might provide content.

A second phase tested the interest of the target audience and then prioritized the applications. It was based on several focus groups and a survey.

These first two phases were completed in December 2017, and the work has been submitted to the steering committee.

A new team to sketch the digital app

The third phase started early April 2018 and lasted until end of July 2018: Juliette Fauguet et Aymeric Miouze, two students from the Masters degree in Creative Industry and Culture Management at the University Management school IAE-EUM, worked on drafting the technical requirements that will apply to the app. They were supported by Maxime Berger, an expert in the field of media/communications-focused calls for projects.

Several criteria will define the final sketch of the application: relevance and usefulness of the different features, legal boundaries (in terms of data protection) and technical obstacles as regards to coding during the development phase. Regarding the latter, the two trainees can rely on an ISIMA student's support, through the junior entreprise IMAGE. He will support and guide them through the functional aspects.

The handing of the summary of technical requirements was handed at the end of July 2018. More information will come as soon as possible as regards to actual app deployment.