As a rule, partnerships between public research and the socio-economic world are particularly effective in adapting to variable environments (e.g. new environmental or economic constraints, or new social expectations).

On the Clermont Auvergne site, they promote the excellence of public research in Clermont and pair it with the best of private innovation by major industrial partners, such as Michelin and Limagrain, and by the dynamic network of SMEs.

One of CAP 20-25’s major objectives in innovation is to increase interactions between laboratories and companies, and to deepen existing partnerships.


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Inaugurated on February10,  2017, FactoLab is the fruit of the union of the Michelin group and three Clermont university research laboratories (Institut Pascal, Limos and Lapsco) federated within LabEx IMobS3. In the Clermont manufacturer's first public-private laboratory, researchers are working on creating the factory of tomorrow with a two-pronged major objective: to make industry more efficient while improving the quality of life at work in order to make this industrial sector more attractive. FactoLab is conducting a medium- and long-term research and development program on man-machine cooperation, in particular in the areas of collaborative robots and new digital technologies.

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Formed under a partnership between Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand (ICCF) and the Michelin Group, the SimatLab joint laboratory, inaugurated on May 22, 2017, aims to establish a multi-scalar approach, from the atomic to the macroscopic scale, to interpret the properties of polymeric materials based on their structure and behavior at the atomic scale.

This new joint laboratory reinforces and perpetuates polymer material modelling at Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand, while benefiting from the support of a group with international visibility.

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