The I-Site CAP 20-25 international strategy is getting renewed for the 2022-2027 period, after the creation of the new status for the Université Clermont Auvergne as experimental public institution on January 1st, 2021. In the continuity of the WOW! Program, the WOW 2.0 Program aims at supporting the international strategy of the site, developed around strategical axes, by implementing tools and targeted actions.

For this purpose, the International Commission of the site, lead by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Anne-Garrait Bourrier, held the first meeting on December 14th 2021. As defined by the Associate Members Committee, its missions are:

  • To define at the site scale, an ambitious strategy of internationalization for research and training, to bring out actions and priority targets in compliance with the CAP 20-25 main objectives;
  • To implement the necessary tools for the development of training and research project at European and international scales, as well as the establishment of international tools for cooperation in research;
  • To strengthen the institutional cooperation with HEIs’ network, in compliance with the scientific identity of the site and with the internationalization strategy carried by the CAP 20-25 project;
  • To build and implement the communication, promotion and valorization policy at international, site, HEIs’ and their training programs scales, in relation with the communication commission;
  • To coordinate the welcoming policy for incoming students, teachers and researchers;
  • To ensure the management of shared services for students in compliance with the international policy: Welcome desk, Euraxess policy.