Research and innovation

Objective: make Clermont Auvergne University an internationally renowned university of excellence in terms of research and innovation

In order to fulfil this goal, the WOW! Program supports:
  • The development of strategic partnerships in research and innovation concerning target areas of the project, with the support of the area designees: memorendum of understanding, international partner laboratory, etc.,
  • Thesis with international co-supervision, by funding co-supervisor visits to the partner university (CAP 20-25 call for projects "PhD Mentoring"),
  • PhD mobility during cotutelle of thesis, through a scholarship for the PhD student and by financing travel expenses of the thesis jury (via call for projects "Soutien à la mobilité au sein de thèses en cotutelle internationale"),
  • The mobility of teacher-researchers, PhD student and staff in order to achieve internationalisation of courses and careers (CAP 20-25 call for projects "Mobilité Internationale Sortante", together with the Department of International Relations),
  • Welcoming international renown professors/researchers to give teachings and contribute to research projects (CAP 20-25 call for projects "Visiting Scholar Fellowship", together with the Department of International Relations),
  • The creation of summer schools related to the scientific objectives of project. (call for projects "Summer schools")
  • The organisation of international conferences ( call for projects "Conférences Internationales", then "Conférences Internationales et colloques", together with the Department of International Relations),
  • The development of welcoming and support strategies for foreign PhD students and researchers coming to UCA and associates,
  • The promotion of the role of ambassador of the project, of UCA and the whole site to each and every scholarship holders or financing beneficiaries of the WOW! Program,
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