Internationalizing research and innovation

Objective: to make Clermont Auvergne University an internationally renowned university of excellence in terms of research and innovation

The strategy builds on the site’s current strengths, namely the four scientific topics of excellence, in order to enhance/develop:
  • international collaborations
  • coordination of networks and alliances
  • international laboratories in collaboration with specific partners

Efforts are focused on the project’s target areas and universities:
  • University of Oklahoma - USA
  • Wuhan University - China
  • University of Tsukuba - Japan
  • Emerging countries of the Andean area (including the Geophysical Institute of the Quito National Polytechnic School - Ecuador)
  • Latin American countries (and more particularly UNESP in Sao Paulo - Brazil and UBA in Buenos Aires - Argentina)

Operational deployment involves:
  • officers responsible for each target area/university in order to develop research, training and innovation partnerships
  • calls for projects to promote exchanges and mobility for students, researchers/professor-researchers and staff, and to support theses under co-supervision
  • an appealing talent policy in order to attract internationally renowned researchers and professor-researchers to the site, in collaboration with the dedicated CAP 20-25 program.