Internationalizing teaching

Objective: to make Clermont Auvergne University internationally renowned for its offer and the quality of its teaching

The strategy aims to promote an international curricula and careers and to enrich cultural exchanges.

Special emphasis will be put on teaching partnerships with project target universities/areas:
  • University of Oklahoma - USA
  • Wuhan University - China
  • University of Tsukuba - Japan
  • Emerging countries of the Andean area (including the Geophysical Institute of the Quito National Polytechnic School - Ecuador)
  • Latin American countries (and more particularly UNESP in Sao Paulo - Brazil and UBA in Buenos Aires - Argentina)

Operational deployment involves:
  • Calls for projects encouraging the mobility of " incoming" and "outgoing” students through the award of merit-based bursaries
  • The development of an English course offering (CAP 20-25 label)
  • Establishment of double degrees
  • Establishment of language and culture courses for "incoming" and "outgoing" students in collaboration with the Learn’in Auvergne program
  • The labelling of high-level International Masters degrees bearing the "CAP 20-25" label in collaboration with the Learn’in Auvergne program
  • An attractive talent policy in order to attract internationally renowned professor-researchers to the site, in collaboration with the dedicated CAP 20-25 program.