CAP 20-25 Council

CAP 20-25 Council is part of Clermont Auvergne University (UCA) Board of Directors. Its missions are:
  • Prepare the voting processes for the UCA Board
  • Share recommendations upon CAP 20-25 general orientation
  • Assess CAP 20-25 overall action
  • Lead a mid- to long-term strategic and prospective reflection.
The Council consists of 2 representatives from Clermont Auvergne University, 2 representatives from National Research Organizations, 2 representatives from Engineering Schools and 2 representatives from the socio-economic sphere.
The project Director is also part of the Council.

The current members of CAP 20-25 Council are:
  • Mathias BERNARD (UCA)
  • Jean-Baptiste COULON (INRA)
  • Frédéric FAURE (CNRS)
  • Etienne JOSIEN (VetAgroSup)
  • Pierre SCHIANO (CAP 20-25 Director)
  • Bertrand VALIORGUE (UCA)

International Advisory Council

The International Advisory Council will provide advice and recommendations on CAP 20-25 actions with a prospective view. Its missions are:
  • Provide the UCA Board with an assessment of CAP 20-25 strategic orientations
  • Review and advise on CAP 20-25 job profiles as issued by the members of the Initiative as well as on applications related to CAP 20-25 HR policy
  • Draw attention to scientific themes that should be given prioritary consideration.
The International Advisory Council will provide the UCA Board with an annual review of CAP 20-25 actions strategic orientations (research, training, recherche, formation, technology transfer, etc.).

Independent Audit Committee

The Independent Audit Committee evaluates the compliance of the project with its objectives, with a particular attention to the evaluation of the project financial conditions.  Its missions are:
  • Monitor the project roll-out, especially partners' commitment as well as financial follow-up and resource allocation
  • Make recommendations on the project roll-out
  • Analyze interrogations submitted by the UCA Board, and give recommendations and strategic advice if needed.
The Independent Audit Committee will provide the UCA Board with an annual review of CAP 20-25 roll-out and key performance indicators. It can also be asked for advice (mediation between the project partners especially) on specific questions.

It consists of three independent experts appointed by the UCA Board.