The Operational Committee

The Operational Committee is responsible for the operational roll-out of CAP 20-25 actions and has a supporting role in day-to-day management activities linked to the project. Its missions are:
  • Overall internal and external communication
  • Administrative, contractual and financial management of the project activities
  • Reporting to the CAP 20-25 Council to ensure efficient project management
  • Quality insurance.
The Committee meets on a monthly basis to share updates on the  evolution of strategic actions.

The Operational Committee is chaired by CAP 20-25 project Director and consists of the Heads of the scientific Challenges and strategic programs, in the presence of CAP 20-25 Management team.

The Operational Committee members are:

Challenges' Chairmen/women:
  • Isabelle VEISSIER, Challenge 1
  • Michel DHOME, Challenge 2
  • Alain ESCHALIER, Challenge 3
  • Patrick BACHELERY,  Challenge 4

Cross-disciplinary programs' Chairmen/women:
  • Françoise CAIRA, Learn'in Auvergne
  • Stéphane CALIPEL, Campus @uvergne
  • Vianney DEQUIEDT, Talent Policy
  • Pierre HENRARD, Emergence
  • Valérie LIVRELLI, WOW! Wide Open to the World
  • Hélène MARIAN, Hub Innovergne
  • Dominique PALLIN, Instrumental Development

Management team:
  • Pierre SCHIANO, Project CAP 20-25 Director
  • Bérangère FARGES, Scientific Coordinator
  • Martine ROUSSEAU, Administrative & Finance Coordinator
  • Camille ARNAUD, International strategy - WOW!
  • Claire HARDY, Communications